How baby boomers screwed their kids

I read an article the other day with this very headline. As a “boomer” it got my attention. It was an overwhelmingly negative article about how Baby Boomers have kept Gen X, Y and millennials out of the property market. How have they done this? By greedily investing themselves which in turn…


Seven Tips to Healthy Finances

Would you like to save $1000’s a year of your own money? It really is easy and we can all do it. Follow these 7 easy steps to healthy finances and treat your finances like you would your health, hobbies or taxes. You need to invest a small about of time keeping them ‘healthy’ to…


Seven Simple Tips for a Bright Future

Welcome to 2017. This year shapes up as a fantastic time to start or continue your property investment journey. Record low interest rates combined with stable pricing provides ideal circumstances. These 7 simple steps guide you through the process to a bright and fruitful future with financial…

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